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Business law

Whether structuring new enterprises, mergers and acquisitions, resetting your global holding options for streamlining business flows, or mitigating tax impact, we assist you in go-to-market, due diligence, licensing, entity selection, contracting, immigration and best business practices in the US.

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wealth structuring

Looking to ensure protection and continuation of your legacy, we deploy particular tools for high-level estate planning, investment selection, complex trust creation, and charitable giving, including privacy in high net-worth environments, asset privacy, multi-jurisdictional complexity, and generation transfer strategies.


core litigation

Take back what is yours, protect your assets and your life, or your entitlement, be it in U.S. Federal, State, or International courts. From business complex litigation and class action litigation to civil and criminal white-collar defense, we assist in a variety of court-involved actions and immigration proceedings.


Global business structuring

From designing robust corporate structures that comply with international laws to optimizing tax efficiencies across multiple jurisdictions, we specialize in crafting solutions that support the global expansion of your business. Whether you’re in technology, finance, manufacturing, or any other sector, our expertise in global structuring ensures your operations are streamlined and resilient against regulatory challenges. We focus on aligning your strategic goals with global compliance standards, safeguarding your interests, and fostering sustainable growth in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Business Due Diligence

The investment in comprehensive legal, due diligence is a robust safeguard strategically positioned to ward off the potentially costly consequences of oversights or misinformation within the dynamic realm of business law. As dedicated legal professionals, our mission is to ensure that our clients navigate the complexities of the legal landscape confidently, knowing that their business interests are thoroughly protected and aligned with the ever-evolving demands of the business world.

Daniel Lenghea Law Provides services in Business Due Diligence to evaluate from a financial and legal risk different comanies, or environments to identify and mitigate specific risks.
Daniel Lenghea Law advises individuals and companies From developing robust agreements that conform to international regulatory standards to negotiating terms that protect the interests of our clients, our expertise lies in fostering smooth and mutually advantageous collaborations.


From crafting airtight agreements that align with global regulatory standards to negotiating terms that safeguard our clients’ interests, we are dedicated to facilitating seamless and mutually beneficial collaborations. Whether you operate in technology, finance, manufacturing, or any other sector, our firm is well-versed in tailoring contract solutions that transcend geographical boundaries, ensuring your business objectives are met while mitigating potential legal pitfalls. 

Civil, commercial, and labor litigation

The potential for situations to deteriorate and spiral out of control underscores the critical importance of expert legal representation. We take control and navigate the complexities of these legal arenas, recognizing that disputes can escalate swiftly, leading to profound consequences. Addressing these challenges head-on, working tirelessly to mitigate risks, protect your interests, and bring resolution to legal matters before they escalate into more significant issues are our core objectives.

Litigation Daniel Lenghea Law In civil cases, taking prompt and strategic measures is essential to safeguard your rights and efficiently resolve conflicts. Within the realm of commerce, possessing adept negotiation and litigation skills is crucial to protect your business interests. In criminal proceedings, where the stakes are notably high, a robust defense strategy is imperative.
Daniel Lenghea Law Let's extend our focus beyond mere financial aspects when choosing optimal investments. Let's delve into addressing personal values, privacy elements, philanthropic goals, and the smooth transfer of family values, all while prioritizing your and your successors' tax liability.

Trusts and Estate Planning

You and maybe generations before you have sacrificed to be here today. We understand the profound impact that estate planning can have on the preservation and distribution of assets, as well as the well-being of your loved ones. Let’s go beyond financial considerations in selecting the best investments and continue in addressing personal values, privacy elements, philanthropic goals, and the seamless transfer of family values in a manner where your and your successors’ tax liability is always a priority. 

International investor

Commencing a business in the United States is feasible with an initial investment of as low as $100,000, even with borrowed funds, contingent upon the submission of a detailed business plan and meeting specific profitability benchmarks. Active involvement in the ongoing management of the business within the U.S. is imperative. Moreover, this venture provides an opportunity for your spouse and minor children to pursue employment or educational endeavors within the U.S.. 

Daniel Lenghea Law E2 Investment Treaty Investor Direct engagement in the continual management of the business in the U.S. is essential. Furthermore, this venture opens avenues for your spouse and minor children to explore employment or educational opportunities within the country. As time progresses, this business endeavor holds the potential to transition into a Permanent Residence Green Card category, presenting a pathway to permanent residency in the U.S. for both you and your family.
Daniel Lenghea Law Private Placements Evaluation For the Accredited Investor delving into lucrative opportunities, our legal proficiency is committed to maneuvering through the intricacies of private placements. Acknowledging the indispensable need for comprehensive legal scrutiny in the pursuit of sound investments, we aim to lead you through the complexities, establishing the necessary legal framework to safeguard your interests and capitalize on compelling investment prospects. Ensure your ventures align with legal best practices and compliance standards, rendering your quest for a favorable deal both fruitful and legally secure.

private placement advising

We understand the pivotal role of rigorous legal evaluation in the private placement landscape, ensuring compliance and mitigating potential pitfalls. Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking investors or an Accredited Investor exploring lucrative opportunities, our legal expertise is dedicated to navigating the complexities of private placements.  Your ventures should be ready to align with legal best practices and compliance standards, making your pursuit of a good deal both fruitful and legally secure.

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